August 2011

I am keeping this brief because, at the end of the day, you need to spend time on the business, not a blog (yes, laugh it up. I know!) – but these are some crucial things to keep in mind before you sign on that dotted line and become an entrepreneur.

1. Who/what are you doing this for?

2. Does the business venture benefit anyone other than yourself? How?

3. Where do you see yourself five years from now? Will you be slaving away in the same place you are currently?

4. If you retired, would the company fail? Conversely, would it thrive more without you?

5. Does this make you happy, day in and day out?

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I will say that I don’t always agree with everything Dan has to say – but he has a good following for a reason. Definitely worth checking out – especially at this price.

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Let me kick this off with – we’re not discriminatory. If you’re not a fashion blogger, you can still join! But we’ll be focusing on key tools and techniques that specifically suit the fashion and beauty genres, like implementing an FBML page for your outfit looks, running a quick giveaway and engaging with brands while still keeping content front and center!


Facebook for the Fashion Blogger

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To brands, you are viewed as a part of their process (and progress) in developing a strategy for Social Media. But for you, using these tools needs to take a different approach.We know that, so we’re offering a quick webinar to help you learn a little bit more about Facebook – a tool that can either be your greatest ally or a big pain in the tush. Make social media work for you as a blog owner.
Title: Facebook for the Fashion Blogger
Date: Thursday, September 1, 2011
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This isn’t an enter to win thing. Or a “three lucky winners!” thing, either.

No, EVERY SINGLE PERSON who buys a personalized media kit (note: these are not templates. Each is tailored specifically to you!) will also get a totally FREE business card redesign and 100 free business cards (up to $300 value). These are not those little free business cards you get and only have to pay for shipping. You get MY style of business cards – they’re costly, but the difference is clear.

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Pinterest & StumbleUpon:
How to Attract New Readers with Social Media 

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