Blogger Relations: The What and How of Brand Relationships

June 12, 2011 · 1 comment

We were bouncing around ideas about what this phrase really means – what IS ‘blogger relations‘, really?

Here’s our take on this part of our company that is extremely close to my heart:

Blogger relations is NOT public relations. It’s not media pitches, press releases… it’s not even review/giveaway opportunities.

It’s a relationship.

So many brands (and even agencies like us – let’s be honest) don’t understand how to work with bloggers. And so many bloggers don’t know how to position themselves for their biggest strengths and deliver a solid value proposition that fits what they can offer.

For me – I’ve been lucky, having experience in all four segments – brand representative, PR repr, blogger and reader – and it really does help everyone play together better.

We’re so passionate about great blogger relationships (and not just for us!) that we’ve started a brand new site exclusively dedicated to helping bloggers and brands work together:

Meet the very beta introduction to the Respect Bloggers campaign. Why did we do this?

Because there’s nothing more important than hitting your pillow after an insane project has wrapped and realizing that everyone really, truly won – I’ve been there, and it’s intoxicating. Because, at the end of the day, unless everyone wins, nobody wins.

But we want to know: what does Blogger Relations – and Respect – mean to you? Head to Twitter and tweet to @debutantemedia with the new #respectbloggers hashtag to join the conversation!

– Jaime @ Debutante Media

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