Corporate and Niche Blogs – What is the Best Blog Platform for you?

June 16, 2011

Choosing the right platform? It’s harder than you’d think.

So many platforms, so little time. We’re VERY biased on one (don’t think you need to guess there!), but there are options everywhere that might just be a better fit.

Here are the top four:

Blogger: It’s what I started on. What many bloggers start on… and then, we all go get self-hosted WordPress sites (oh, still not there yet? Find out how to make the Blogger to WordPress Switch!). Blogger is free and super easy, but there’s a bit of danger as Google can just shut your site off at any time. I like fear in my roller-coaster rides – not on my site.

WordPress: Ahhh, WordPress. We love you – especially in Thesis or Genesis. Sure, you’re a little harder to deal with if you don’t know any coding, but you are an SEO machine. Just as customizable (plus with an easier opportunity to just tweak small things at a time), but WordPress themes can get a little costly.

Tumblr: Easy. Fast. Short. That’s pretty much the best way to describe the super social blogging platform, Tumblr. You will never be the only one with your content (sharing is easy – both a good any bad thing) but some brands like Tory Birch are having a good time playing around with it.

The best segment for this is creative design – if you want to showcase some of your art, then it’s a very easy option to implement and use.

TypePad: This is a popular one for some of the bigger fashion bloggers – and is extremely customizable. There are some big brands using this platform (based on Six Apart’s Movable Type platform), like and

So while we can say that whatever is good for them is good for us, we tend to skew away from TypePad. There is an exceptional ability to modify and create the look you want… but with all the plugins available on WordPress, it’s just not the best option UNLESS you want a designer to create a customized design that you’ll NEVER touch (TypePad requires the least technical knowledge of the four.

No Blog: There ought to be a good reason. And for the record: just thinking that you don’t have a knowledge base with already set content for months on end? OF COURSE YOU DON’T. Not. The. Right. Excuse.

What platform is your blog on – and has it always been there? Let us know in the comments.

Jaime Palmucci

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