How Bloggers See “Guest Post” Email Requests

April 29, 2013

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I received a very classless email from a brand who wanted to write a “quality” guest post for my beauty review blog. I shared the tale with another blogger friend of mine, who responded with the best – and most accurate – response. EVER.


Hello “Person who has no name/Blogger:”

I am contacting you on behalf of some Spammy Company about opportunities about placing text links on your site for free.

Because we are a Spamtastic Company, we would be able to provide you with a load of spammy content all over your site. If you would enjoy compromising the quality of content on your site by allowing us to do this, let us know how many text links we can provide you.

We know you’ll email us right away because this is an opportunity that will benefit us so much.

Do you feel differently about the text link “guest post” inquiries?

Jaime Palmucci 

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