How do you find Work-Life Balance?

May 1, 2013

Is this your home?
I had been contemplating this – and working on it – recently, and things have definitely just come up again and again that prove that I’m not at all good about balance. I am a SUPER workaholic (oh, I know you’re so surprised.), and it definitely does hurt the ones I love quite a bit.

So, I had asked a question about finding balance – how people did it, especially those who – like me – have a full-time job as well as a start-up or freelance job. Here are a couple of great tips I received:

– Manage your time and prioritise.

– I made sure I got as much sleep as I could, ate well, exercised and meditated daily. It is also important to have a good social support network, including other business owners. People can only be so supportive, and other business owners get it. There were sacrifices, and I had to take that leap of faith when I wasn’t willing to continue living like that. It is not healthy, and it is better to focus on temporary survival skills to work toward having more free time.

– Leverage resources outside yourself: Hire people to help you / outsource grunt work, rely on experts, network to learn shortcuts (it’s a good investment of time).

Please add your tips to the list by leaving a comment below – and share what your experiences are!

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