How to: Create Original Content for Your Website

June 15, 2011 · 1 comment

Write. Create. Win. (just remember that you can't blog with a pencil.)

One of the key ways to keep the “bots” coming back for more on your site? The best way is by creating original content –  images and text that has not been published anywhere before. But sometimes, you’re at a loss for ideas.

Don’t fret! Here are five great ways to keep your site fresh (and your writer’s block at bay!):

1. Ask your readers/customers.

They come to your site. Maybe they buy your products or click-through on your affiliate links. Either way, they like what you’re doing… and you can bet they have some ideas about what they’d love to see. We chose to use a digital “Suggestion Box” on Respect Bloggers so that visitors can quickly (and, if they choose to, anonymously) share something that they might need help with. But you don’t even need that; it’s as easy as writing a post asking for ideas (which, by the way, is unique content, too!).

2. Respond to a controversial post/news topic.

We’re not big on controversy, but there are times we need to take a stance – like what we did when the Logical Media email came out – and that’s a great opportunity to pour your soul out. Just write how you feel first, then edit later. We can promise that you’ll come up with something you love, and your visitors will get the opportunity to really see a little bit of the “real” you.

3. Feature a poll/survey.

This manages to fit into #1 as well, so it’s kind of double dipping – that being said, polls and surveys are easy, fun and full of information! We create weekly denim poll blog posts on Denim Debutante because… well, because we’re nosy. People love sharing, and we love learning!

4. Request a guest post from your favorite blogger – but don’t demand it.

Have a blogger that you love – someone who is talented, smart and interested in your topic? Ask them if they’d be interested in possibly sharing some of their thoughts on your site – but, please keep in mind: if you are a brand and you cannot offer a compelling value proposition (more traffic, back-linking, etc) for the blogger, you should be prepared to compensate the writer. There’s more to Fair Trade than your morning coffee, and smart brands/agencies with Blogger Relations experience will always take the ethical route.

5. Get Personal.

Sometimes, I can’t think of anything to say (and yes, people who know me, I see the fallacy in that statement. Hush.) and my best posts – for engagement, traffic and emotional fulfillment – are the ones where I just get personal. Don’t be afraid to showcase something about you or your brand that you might not normally share. Even better? Put it in a personal video blog.

And, if you’re a brand who’s just building their online presence but not sure what you should do:

6. Start a blog!

Seriously – it’s great for SEO. It’s great for traffic. And… PEOPLE READ BLOGS! We can help get you started – Corporate Blogging is important and essential.

What are your key techniques for generating original content for your website?


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