How to Make a Media Kit, part five

August 15, 2011 · 1 comment


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We’ve made it to the end of the road! It’s been fun, but there is one (well, potentially two) things you must not forget when  you put your media kit together!

(If you have missed the earlier posts, please do yourself a favor and learn how to make your own media kit.

Brag about how awesome you are.

We’ve been taught to stay quiet and not puff our chests up. We’re not supposed to tell the world that we’re the rock stars we actually are.

Until now.

There are three primary features of the proper media kit: testimonials, press and awards/accomplishments.

– Testimonials: please, PLEASE note that you cannot share a testimonial on your site OR your press kit without some form of written approval (as you know, I am not a lawyer, nor is this advice to be taken in lieu of consulting an attorney), but getting those into your press kit is more than just proof of your skills. It’s a great way to be personal without being unprofessional. You can see my basic example on the media page over at Denim Debutante.

– Press: Have you been on Good Morning, America, or interviewed for the New York Times? Maybe you’re a regular guest on your local morning news, or you’ve had some stellar blog features. No matter what the press placements are, they deserve to be shared. Choose no more than a page worth of examples – all three sections should fit on one page – and order them by one of the following: most impressive (ie: Today Show, Wall Street Journal. The big names), largest visibility (where the most people would have seen/heard you) or favorite notables (if there was a really amazing write-up exclusively about you).

– Awards and Accomplishments: I’m not entirely sure that you’ve managed to win a Nobel Peace Prize with your blog – though feel free to tell me how you pulled that one off! – but maybe you are an AdAge Top 150. Or you’re one of Babble’s Top Mommy Blogs. Or, perhaps, you scored an exclusive contract with a retailer and were able to initiate a brand new project. All are great, and all deserve space on the page.

Please note: if there is one section to have more of – even potentially its own page – it’s the Awards and Accomplishments.

If you’re having trouble choosing the best opportunities, make sure they’re relevant, interesting and present you in the best light to a potential client/advertiser. Here’s how I laid mine out:

And, there you have it! That will complete the meatiest content for your site’s media kit.

If there’s anything you need added, clarified or included – or maybe you’d prefer to just hire us to create a media kit for you! – shoot an email to [email protected]!

But remember – send these all together in a PDF, not a Word document. You’ll thank me later!

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1 Jamie August 18, 2011 at 8:20 pm

Great and very informative post!
Thank you for sharing this 5 parts post of How to Make a Media Kit. I really learned a lot reading and following your post.

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