How to make a Media Kit, part four

August 6, 2011

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If you’ve missed the first three sessions, check out the past posts about how to make a media kit. Then, head back here.

Ahhh, I know what you’ve been looking for – the numbers. You want me to tell you what to charge, don’t you? Sorry, this just isn’t that kind of post.

What I will tell you is that you can set numbers, play with them and find what’s right for you. And I will give you the following guidelines:

1. Find a friend or acquaintance in your niche… and ask them – politely! – what they charge. Make sure this is someone whom you trust and trusts you, as this isn’t the kind of information you just hand out to everyone. And if caution is important to think about, consider it second to respect.

2. Know what you make through each banner on Adsense? Add about 15% to that rate for your primary placements. After all, if you’re going to have to do more work, it makes sense that you’d get more money. It’s just common sense.

3. Have a specific brand that you love or desperately want to work with? Be flexible with your fees. Anytime you set yourself too rigid, you end up losing out on great opportunities. And remember, many bloggers and brands mark their advertising rates slightly higher to ad networks because they take more time to set up, require more engagement with the brand and – honestly – to have a little bit of wiggle room.

The best way to use your stats for building these, other than the obvious, is actually by having all of the standard opportunities on one page and segmenting out the on-site specific placements. Here’s how I broke it down for the denim blog,

Numbering each helps both you and the potential customer know exactly what is being offered. Price each accordingly – with the knowledge that ads that are below the fold see less traffic – and you’ve got a great on-site placement map!

We’ve got one more section to go – Testimonials and Press. Stay tuned!

(PS – it’s the last day of Blogher. We’ll miss all the amazing women we’ve met here so far!)

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