How to make a Media Kit, Part Three

August 3, 2011

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Statistics make the sale.

Like it or not, statistics are the frosting – and the sprinkles – on your media kit. I truly do believe that the cake itself is your content and engagement, but I’m not going to lie. There are some specific numbers that I look for as a PR representative, and knowing them for yourself – as well as including them in your media kit – is a great way to represent yourself professionally.

These are the stats you MUST have in your kit:

1. Audience: Unique Monthly Visitors and Pageviews. The most basic of all numbers – if you don’t have these in your deck today… well, you don’t want to hear my response – and it’s also the easiest to get. Do you have Google Analytics set up? If so, it’s easy to get your long tail history.

2. Alexa Rank. The lower, the better – that’s Alexa. There are ways to lower that number on your own but you’ll see it trend a lot with traffic. It’s not a particularly relevant or accurate number, but we use it as a an additional barometer for blog and blogger.

3. Pagerank. PageRank and SERP are the two numbers that “in the know” PR and Brands will want. The higher they are, the higher the likelihood that you’ll land on the front page of search results.

4. Reader Statistics (such as location spread, age, salary,etc). If you didn’t have them already, check out either Quantcast, Alexa or Compete.

5. Additional Statistics and Rankings. I like adding MozRank and Website Authority, but there are a plethora of options you can source. While these aren’t necessary, they do make your stats page a little meatier.

One additional one I’d recommend – that you won’t hear from anyone else?

6. Average comments per post.

I wanted to find a great way to represent a part of these  in my media, so I actually took some of my statistics and made a little graphic:

Are you representing all of these statistics now? Any others you think should be included?

Next part will include how to represent your ad space to best benefit you and the brand. Stay tuned!

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