How to Make a Media Kit, Part Two

August 2, 2011

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We went over the basics, and now we get into the nitty gritty. The one most important thing about the whole entire media kit…

The bio.

All of the text in your Media Kit is crucial (I used to have a teacher who’d tell us to always remove every needless word), but nothing speaks at the same decibel as your bio page. My primary, must-follow tips for you?

1. Speak in third person. I know it’s awkward, but as business documents go, framing them in the first person is unprofessional, messy and makes you look uninformed. It’s a tall order for a couple of pronouns, so just do it from day one.

2. Short and sweet is key. No long paragraphs and don’t share your life story.

3. Focus on your strengths. You can – and should! – brag here. Win some awards? Share them up. Get a great placement for you/your site? Don’t forget that either. There are times where showing off a little is bad…. but this isn’t one of them.

4. But still… be informative. Share necessary information. If you’ve gotten a degree in business, let them know. Prior (but relevant) work history goes here, too.

You’ll do this twice – once for yourself, and then once for your blog/brand/company. For an example, see mine below:

And stay tuned, because next we’re going into the details that few others actually share, including:

– What stats you NEED to have
– How to present them and
– The one NEW stat that everyone will be using soon!

Stay tuned!



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