How to Write Better Copy for Facebook Posts

October 18, 2011

We’ve all made the mistake of posting something on Facebook – either on a personal or business account – that we should have thought twice about. I’m here to share with you five of my top tips for writing better copy – and getting better engagement – when it comes to your Facebook page.

1. Have a purpose. Are you posting just to post – or as an attempt to get your fans to share something irrelevant? If so, just skip it altogether. Facebook posts have better success when they’re around a specific theme and you have a reason for sharing. No reason? No sharing.

2. Know your audience. Take a little trip into your analytics and see who your primary segments are. If you’re writing style is geared toward women – but your fan base is almost entirely comprised of men – then you’ll be losing out on great engagement opportunities by not crafting your style to fit your demographic. Compare this to the ways you speak differently around friends than you do around your family.

3. Give before receiving. Take, take, take. I compare this to the selfish friend at the bar when it comes to outreach strategies, but the same applies on Facebook. Stop asking your fans to share you; instead, share their accomplishments and offer them something of value. It doesn’t have to be monetary – make them laugh, educate them or give them something financially worthwhile.

4. Ask for help. We’re all so stuck on what we think people want. Stop assuming you know what your audience is trying to say and just ask them – try using Questions or Polls in your Facebook posts. When you’re offering someone the opportunity to share their thoughts, you are giving them the power – it’s a great tool for growth, development and brand strength.

5. Provide value. Like I said in number three, value is the key to everything. If you run a fashion company, you may find that the most value you can provide is in the form of tips and tricks for style. Accountants or finance-driven companies? Chat about money – saving it, spending it with intelligence, etc. But it’s impossible to provide value by consistently using Facebook as a marketing tool – people can see right through even the best copy and know that you’re just selling a product. To engage and interact, you must find the value for your fanbase and deliver.

There’s another extra tip that I’ll add here… and it’s the most important of all. What is it?

6. Find your voice… and use it. Being genuine is the key to success, not only in Facebook but in life. If  you think that people want a cookie-cutter, picture perfect brand/person, you’re wrong – they want to see (and read) the real you.

What are your personal tips for creating fantastic copy on Facebook?

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