Listen More. Speak Less.

September 4, 2011 · 1 comment

listening like children

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I am guilty of many things. I leave the dishes to pile up, toss my jeans on the ground at the end of the day and I ignore my poor basil plant when it cries out for water (I’m sorry, Mr. Basil!). I’m flawed.

You’re flawed, too. Whether you like to drink straight from the milk carton or love watching bad reality television.

We all do things we know we shouldn’t. And that’s okay. Part of being human is being flawed – we need an end goal to work toward, after all. A list of things to improve upon that changes fluidly.

On my list? To be a better listener. You see, I’m very good at standing in front of a crowd and speaking. I’m even pretty great at the one-on-one.

But I have a penchant for accidentally one-upping people when I don’t mean to. Often, I’m trying to show that I understand where they’re coming from – that I empathize. I also tend to say things that in my head are funny but, once they come out, I immediately regret.

My best description of what it’s like? I feel as if I’m living with a rather rambunctious eight year old in my brain, and she’s very awkward (so, you know, eight-year-old Jaime). Instead of focusing on the task at hand, she’s bumping into walls, talking with food in her mouth and forgetting about using her inside voice. Yep, that’s me. I try very hard to keep her placated.

And sometimes, I fail.

My intentions are always sincere. I’m always trying to help/amuse/enlighten/comfort, but I’m not always understood. This tends to happen most in my personal life, though it does flood over into the professional, despite my best efforts.

Do you have a trait or certain quirk that doesn’t always come across the way you intended?

I’ve been spending more time lately to try t0 learn new ways to avoid these flaws – and one of those ways isn’t actually an avoidance at all. There are some that I’ve just embraced. Sometimes it’s just part of who you are, for better or for worse.

I personally always think it’s for better, don’t you?

– Jaime

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1 Erin September 4, 2011 at 5:57 am

I’m the opposite! I am too quiet and don’t speak up enough. We should combine forces and form a perfect balance of talking and listening :)

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