Making the Transition: Traditional to Digital PR

May 22, 2013

With the digital world changing at such a fast pace, we have all had to re-evaluate how to approach it, which is why companies such as Debutante Media exist.

With this post, I want to shed some light on the Public Relations and Blogger relationship. I am a former fashion editor who has worked with People magazine, The Today Show, The View, StyleWatch magazine and more. Currently I am the PR and Marketing Director for Skye Associates where we have 20 e-commerce clients (including and

I also have my own personal blog,, and will be running one for in the near future. All of this has allowed me to see from everyone’s P.O.V., so here we go!

Do companies care about bloggers? Absolutely! The web has allowed everyone to get their voice out, so ignore the companies who turn their noses up at bloggers. They’ll have to come around sooner or later. PR reps should want to work with bloggers because it is fantastic for brand awareness, and what you put on the web, stays on the web. Blogs are also great to work with because there is more leeway with time. You can post something immediately, whereas with print publications, the process can be much longer.

What makes PR companies want to work with certain blogs?

-The amount of traffic a site gets.
-The quality of the content that is put up. When PR reps see well-written stories being posted, they definitely take notice, so put in the effort.
-The easier someone is to work with, the more PR reps want to partner up with them. Think about it: it seems as if everyone and their mother has a blog, so why would they want to work with difficult ones, when there are so many out there that aren’t?
-Outside of your blog, do you participate in other social media outlets? Give Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. all a try.
-Do you write about brands without requiring free products in return for the posts? You should. PR reps will take notice, appreciate it and it will come back to you in full circle.

Beware of the below Blogger Faux Pas that – I am sad to say – I have witnessed or heard about.

– Do not get nasty with PR people. Act friendly and professional with them, like you would in any work relationship.

– Do not ‘demand’ free products. All you have to do is just ask.

– Do not act like you are entitled to free products, simply because this comes off as rude. Would you act that way toward your boss or colleagues in an office environment?

– Do not get offended if PR reps do not have product to send to you. PR reps understand that bloggers may not have the staff, time or finances to return products, and have to keep items that are sent over, but some companies may not have the budget for this, or enough samples to go around. If companies had to produce enough items for every blogger to keep, they would go bankrupt. For clothing and jewelry, even fashion editors and stylists return these products back to the brand once they are done shooting. In the end, it’s really nothing against you, they just simply don’t have pieces to send for keeps.

– Spellcheck. Mistakes happen, that’s a given, but make sure you don’t have a ton. If a brand hasn’t worked with you before and sees lots of errors when you e-mail them for the first time, they might be hesitant to work with you because it is a reflection of the content you will produce about them on your site.

Joyce Huang
Skye Associates

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