Quick Tips: Three Warning Signs to Catch Before Hiring a Website Designer

June 21, 2011

Don't hire someone to make your site look like this.

Here are three key (and, okay… obvious!) ways to make sure you save yourself a PILE of heartbreak when you’re hiring a website designer or developer. It’s amazing that people don’t see these ones, but you’re catching things like this every single day!

Yes, they’re what to look for… but, so you AVOID it, not jump right in!

1. Your potential designer doesn’t have a website.

Seriously. I am going to hope, in my heart of hearts, that I don’t actually have to explain this one. (oh, I do?) Ugh. Okay, so… would you go to a Doctor with no references or evidence of a degree? How about hiring a nanny sight unseen to take care of your children.

Yeah, when you think of it like that, it sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it.

2. Your potential designer has a painfully bad site.

If the person you’re hiring for design has HORRIBLE site, don’t expect a great product. Their site is their business card, and if that b-card looks like anything on Daily Sucker, I have one word for you: RUN.

There’s nothing else to say and there is certainly no excuse. If he/she is too busy, then you hire a friend. But as a designer, you NEVER good out with a terrible site. EVER.

3. S/he pitches you the proposal, adding a TON of extras onto your product – especially if you’ve requested that they were not added in.

Many website designers fancy themselves to be great SEO Marketers, app-building geniuses, etc – and who am I to say they’re not? But if they’re already ignoring all your wants and needs from day one? Well, that’s not usually the way to set a great relationship in motion.

We’ve gone hard on the (albeit funny) negative sides, but for those of you who have hired a designer, either for a basic website, a creative design or a WordPress theme style – tell us what the best and worst parts were?


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