Respect Bloggers Event – Launching your blog without losing respect

July 28, 2011


We were so thrilled to begin working with Bailey of Makeover Momma for the new Respect Bloggers campaign! Here’s a snippet from her newest post:

But even though I love sharing tips for creating your own successful blog, most women need an “in” to get the ball rolling. If you consider yourself a new blogger, a curious content creator or simply someone who needs a leg up, listen up. As part of the Respect Bloggers initiative- a campaign created by myself and Debutante Media to improve PR and blogger relations, and irradiate the misuse of in-home journalists by brands- you now have your “in”.

* A long term, substantial relationship with a company that cares. Debutante Media wants to know you. They want to understand your website, connect you with the appropriate brands and work together in the way that agencies should.

Being a part of a campaign like this is key for me and the team because it focuses directly on what we care about – making connections that last beyond the marketing pitch. It’s why we do social media webinars and offer ourselves for added assistance. We believe in fair trade that’s just that: fair.

And hopefully you’ll be able to join us for the Twitter party!

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