SEO Made Simple: Three Easy Tips for Search Engine Optimization

May 20, 2013

One of the questions that I’ve gotten most from bloggers, brands and PR teams is, “How do I get more traffic onto my site?” It makes sense – more traffic means more conversions, which means you get to grow and make your site even better. One of the best ways (and certainly the most affordable!) is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have to be challenging – it’s just a little bit of math mixed with time and a tiny bit of good luck. For some blogs and businesses, hiring a firm may be their best way to get your organic search results on track (it is a time-consuming project and, to do it right, requires touching every page on your site) – but, here are some quick and easy tips you can do right now… no excuses!

1. Keywords – this is a hot subject, and you can literally spend hours, even days, finding the right keywords. But the basic keyword benefits are huge as well. Take a search term that relates to your brand (if you were a coffee brand, for instance, you’d want to look up “coffee,” or “coffee beans” or “brewed coffee”) and look it up in Google Keyword Tools. There you’ll be able to see similar terms that generate a lot of search queries. Pick a handful and use them in your site.

2. Internal Links – Do hyperlinks on your site say “Click Here” or “Learn More”? These terms do nothing for you in relation to keyword juice You’ll benefit greatly by linking to your own pages, keeping the “spiders” on the site… and it’s even better with a quality link that references the topic. Use the keyword tool or a basic content phrase instead. And as a note: we NEVER recommend paying for text links on other sites – partially because Google frowns upon it and because it’s an expensive, suspicious activity – but you can get great links from blogs and websites.

3. Fresh Content – the more your site changes, the more frequently the spiders come back. And the more they come back, the higher your search engine ranking. So, whether you need to constantly write new content, start a blog or add user-created content (yes, commenting counts, too!), this is a no-brainer.

If you use Search Engine Optimization as a part of your strategy for more traffic and conversions, what have you had success with?

And remember – one the quickest and easiest ways to increase your backlinks? Commenting!

Jaime Palmucci

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