So, Facebook Thinks You’re Spam. Now What? (Updated with Contact Details)

June 21, 2011

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Okay, before any of this? Take a deep breath and breathe. Remember that your life and your health are more important.

Now, here are the recommended steps.

1. You need a strategy. Just like you should have a business plan, you need to be taking precautions with how your brand – and with that, your links – is represented.

2. Educate yourself! All of the information needed to make things happen? It’s already out there and if you can’t find it, that’s when people like me come in. There are great options for educating yourself, like the Facebook Pages webpage. If you have a little extra cash, check out the list of Preferred Facebook Developers.

3. Build trust and relationships. It doesn’t matter how this happened – it has happened. Use this as an opportunity to help your fellow bloggers to grow and communicate. We had been told some disappointing things about the whole scenario when we talked to a few different women (and then Facebook themselves), but this is an opportunity, not the end of the world.

4. Diversify. I was receiving emails from men and women who told me that 20-35% of their traffic was coming from Facebook, and they were freaked out… for a good reason. Don’t let the future success of your brand hang on ANY one thing… except YOU.

5. Let people help you. We reached out to a few people we knew and those who responded are already down this path. Definitely do your research on anyone at ALL who you would be letting have access to your info, but make sure that you’re willing to accept help and criticism. Growth is important – and it’s not just business growth.

6. Still spammed? We had announced days ago that we’d gotten through to Facebook. Here’s how:

– Go into Facebook Ads
– Click the link on the left: “I have questions about my ad campaign.”
– Fill it out, but be professional, objective and brief. Provide details and URLs if possible
– Hit send.

This is how we initiated conversation (and what we recommended on Twitter last week) – it’s slower than it had been for me in the past due to growth and maintenance on Facebook’s end. That being said, it’s still working, and that’s definitely a step in the right direction.

For all the bloggers who have signed up for our first Webinar – we’ll be going more in-depth on how to contact and what strategies you need to implement successfully. All other webinars have been cancelled.

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