The Golden Rule – Our Answer to the Logical Media Fiasco

June 12, 2011 · 1 comment

Blog outreach. Some brands get it and some just don’t.

Today was a clear cut case of the latter for Logical Media, a site that offers affiliate commission through deals and incentives, used by many of the awesome bloggers we work with. Or rather, was used.

Stop angering bloggers. NOW.

They sent out an email that essentially recommended that bloggers in the deal, frugal and couponing genres should plainly COPY other bloggers. Here’s a snippet:

With the abundance of copycat Logical Media networks out there today, we are very humbled & proud to be viewed by you, the bloggers, as the top/original advertising network targeting this great coupon niche today.

We get asked weekly from bloggers about who we recommend as the top coupon blogs on the net, displaying original content daily and who takes the hours to gather the information to make their posts not only original but top quality for them to use as a guide.

Why is this wrong?

– Each blog – just like the blogger behind it – is unique. Telling one to mimic the other is just ridiculous and offensive. You WILL lose customers.

– In the case of Logical Media, they actually had the audacity of listing four blogs – two of which they OWN – as recommended sites to source information from. And didn’t disclose the ownership.

Here’s a perfect response that we received from Angela Russell, the awesome writer over at The Coupon Project:

Blogging is a reflection of who I am as a person, and a writer. I spend many hours each week crafting quality content that makes a meaningful difference to my readers’ lives. To be told that I should be modeling my site off four sites that my affiliate has selected is not only condescending, but I feel it also poses a conflict of interest. I appreciate affiliates who respect my individuality and trust in my ability as a writer to select content I feel is suitable for my readers first. A further conflict of interest may be present as I’m told at least two of these sites are owned by Logical Media and this was not disclosed in their email. Is this a shoddy attempt to drive traffic to their site? To add insult to injury, Logical Media has erroneously assumed they are my top advertising network.

This does not have to happen and your brand can be seen as one that actually does something right! It doesn’t have to be about spending a lot of money, buying trips, etc. But, just as you should in every aspect of your life, we all need to remember the golden rule.

Don’t send emails, post information, tweet, etc if you wouldn’t want that information sent to you.

We’re not even saying that you need to go hire Blogger Outreach consultants like us (though we do recommend it, especially when it comes to training), but a little common sense – and a lot of humility – goes a long way. And this opened up a huge growth opportunity for one of Logical Media’s competitors, Escalate Network (who we use – and love! – over on Denim Debutante).

Be the brand who is making headway. Grow; don’t offend!


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