We’re Hiring!

August 11, 2011

I love that I get to post this. It makes me so happy! We’ve been receiving tons of contact and proposal requests since the Glamour magazine came out, so I’m excited to expand a bit.

Position: Assistant

Location: Seattle/Denver or Remote

Details: I’m looking for someone to assist us with data collection and management. This is a part-time job that is on a longer term time-span. At start, the scope will require probably about 5 hours per week.

The right fit is someone who can manage their time effectively and meet weekly deadlines. I’m not good at micromanaging – I need someone who can be taught pretty easily and isn’t afraid to ask questions and be honest. If you’re just looking for experience in the Social Media/blogging world, this is a perfect fit for you.
Please send resume/LinkedIn info along with some times to chat, contact information and hourly rates to [email protected]. References will be requested and all hires are required to sign an NDA and Non-Compete.

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